DNA advice and consulting



Beginners guide to DNA and genealogy ($120)

Genealogy basics, DNA basics, inheritance, DNA tests: who to test, which tests to use, costs, what the tests reveal. (Note: this is a generic education session.)

Develop a specific DNA testing plan ($149)

Your goals and objectives, your family tree, your budget, suitable tests and costs, who to test, action planning.

Interpret your DNA test results ($149)

Review your results, including matches, closeness of relationships, check against your family tree, recommend next steps. (Note: we will require access to your testing company results for this session.)

Workshops are normally held at our home in Palmyra, timed to suit you, and are usually one-to-one tuition. We can also visit your home to run a workshop, for an additional fee. Please call Mike for details.

Talks for groups

Introductory talks (approx 1 hr – $250 each talk)

Introduction to DNA and Genealogy
DNA testing - which one is best for you?
Hidden Secrets - a DNA mystery story

Extended lectures and courses (enquire for prices

DNA, genealogy and tests (2 hours)
Tools for interpreting DNA results (2 hours)
DNA, genealogy, tests and tools (3 hours)
Brick Wall Busting – combining genealogy with DNA to trace your past (6 hours across 3 sessions)


DNA test results can be confusing, with different tests being offered by the three major testing companies. A number of helpful sites have sprung up, such as Gedmatch, DNA.land, DNAGedcom and others. The specific language of the DNA world can overwhelm with terms such as centiMorgans, ‘snips’ (SNPs), haplogroups, autosomal, etc.

We can be your guide through the initial learning phase, or we can take over the burden for you, with services ranging from basic advice through to totally managing your test regime.

Our fees are $80 per hour (minimum of 5 hours) plus out-of-pocket expenses at cost.

Services offered:

download raw data
upload to various analytical sites (Gedmatch, DNA.land, DNAGedcom, and others)
manage your test kit
interpret results
analyse matches
manage contacts
conduct DNA-linked genealogical research



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