We publish books


These are just some of the books we've published over the past few years. Each one is the result of years of research by the author(s). We have the relatively easy job of getting it ready for the printer. They look great!

What's involved

When you've just about finished your manuscript come and talk to us about what's required to produce the best possible book.

We'll talk to you about what you would like the finished product to look like, and we'll discuss such things as:

the overall look and feel (design)
what format/size of book would you like
images, maps, family tree, documents to include
some of the details like fonts, heading, etc (layout)
proofing and editing
your budget

We can help you decide all of these things and we can take care of all the tedious details.

Call us for a free consultation. It's easier than you think.

Contact us

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